Graveland live : line-up, setlist, concerts, lyrics and völkish ideology-in-music

Montréal show featuring Graveland which concentrates disapprovals is only one aspect of Graveland problematics as a whole. Graveland is about NSBM völkish ideology-in-music for 25 years of career now, and only 5 shows, all in 2016.

Graveland is solo project of Robert Fudali aka Rob Darken.
Graveland is mostly known as a one-man-band for home studio recordings (41 records released since 1993), but since 2016, Graveland live orchestra includes session musicians :

Promo Picture of Graveland with live sessions musicians : Mścisław (Guitar), Zbych (Guitar), Rob (Vocal), Miro (Drum), Bor (Bass).
notice :
Kolovrat slavic swastika, identarian, neo-nazi and NSBM symbol

and Black Sun nazi and NSBM symbol.


Live show is about 60 minutes long, Graveland  plays 8 songs from 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1997, only, and 4 playback intros. Musicians are statics, only Rob Darken acts and dances like a hooded goblin vocalist.

Setlist Graveland

Carpathian Wolves (playback Intro)
 At the Pagan Samhain Night
 Born for War
 The Gates of Kingdom of Darkness
 Hordes of Empire
 Thousand Swords (playback Intro)
 Thousand Swords
 For Pagan and Heretic Blood
 The Night of Fullmoon (playback Intro)
 The Night of Fullmoon
 Black Metal War! / (playback Outro)

HOT SHOWER : First Graveland show ever.

The first ever live show of Graveland happened at “Hot Shower” NSBM festival in Milano (Italy) on April 2nd 2016 with NSBM elite bands Frangar, Goatmoon, Baise ma Hache (BMH), … and an audience expressing multiples nazi salutes. Hot Showe is nazi joke refering to gas chambers. The NSBM meeting is promoted by german néonazi muderer Hendrick Moebus and his NSBM label Darker than Black, in collaboration with “Hammer Skin Italia ” gang.

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Graveland in France at “ragnard Rock Fest” NSBM meeting under viking cosplay.

Graveland already showed-up with Forteresse (MNQ) in France in July 2016, french press relates nazi salutes too.
(The video footage with clearly audible grouped “Sieg Heil” chants when Graveland took the stage, has been removed from Youtube service


Lyrics for live show are oriented on anti-chritianity and völkish thematics, blood and soil, revenge of victimized ancestral Slavic paganist hordes of barbarians occult wars against (judeo-)Christianity as stranger invader, under satanist & blasphemous appearance, with no respect, no mercy, lyrically not romantic at all, even when actions depicted happen at night under the moon, in the windy country and the cold forests landscapes ... war, blood, death, weapons, hate, arsons, torture, cruelty, ...

At the Pagan Samhain Night
 (1994 – carpathian wolves)

Dark was the sky and cold was this night
 I saw in dusk the shifting stars
 Inside the circle of mysterious sings 

A little casket drowned in blood
 The horned one gave me the key
 I opened the casket to see my fate
 The ultimate fate of mine
 Pagan warrior, son of the dark sky...
 Fire of eternal hell inflamed the left path
 The priest of Darkness, Druid named Schakh
 He opened my third eye, his evil soul became mine
 We were bonded by blood, our hearts beat the same
 "Thou belong to me now, follow me in dawn
 We are the same, the soul of man
 Look in my eyes, see burning stars
 Crucify the lier, create Dark Empire"
 Through the veil of fog I heard his voice
 I was cold, but sweet as an immortal dream
 I know the one taught to survive by the
 carpathian code of life...
 He hold the silver sword and Black book
 The symbols of mystic strength and wisdom
 I understood these signs of Darkness
 My knowledge became my secret weapon...
 At the pagan Samhain night
 I entered the Darkside
 Evil arrived far from the North
 I know the might of Demonolord 

Born for War
 (1995 thousand swords)

I was a child
 when they took me away from my family
 I remember long and frosty winter
 and people looking hopelessly for food
 from this ancient time
 our cruel lord ordered us
 to look as dogs eat christian children
 we were standing together and
 cold wind was freezing our faces
 our blood was hot
 we learned to worship death
 we were the children of his favourite herd
 future warriors, future wolves
 our cruel lord ordered us to drink human blood
 ordered us to eat human flesh

 I got my first sword
 I couldnt take it up easy
 But i had to take it up
 because I would be meat for dogs
 I know the true code of life
 spartan way of life, and draconian laws
 I've grown as a warrior
 close to nature, close to roots
 now i'm the cruel
 the last of the cruel lords herd
 When i was a child, i knew the cruelty
 I learned to hate everything I loved.

The Gates of Kingdom of Darkness 
 (1994 The Celtic Winter)

I came, led by the stars
 Spirits of the damned draw me near
 Mayhemed winds showed me the way
 And now i stay here, born from the wolf
 Scream of pain sounds in Darkness
 I draw my claws in wall of fog
 I scrape, scream, blood covered my scars
 my fangs tear the gates to Abyss
 Impure spirits, you showed me the way
 And now my blood becomes the key
 I open this last gate
 The Gate to the Kingdom of Darkness
 Black wind of the dead
 Inflamed my eyes to red
 My brothers, wolves, servants of the night
 They came from the forest
 Burning eyes among the Darkness
 Jaws thirsty for the blood, raised to moon
 Hired, longing and fear
 This is the last night and the dawn will never come
 Curse me, my brothers
 Because I lead you to death
 Salvation for mayhemed souls
 Souls of sons of the night in wolves bodies
 We've been always and we'll be forever
 Tonight we'll die and the next night
 we will come from beyond the gates
 of Kingdom of Darkness
 Gods of Darkness, awoken by our sacrifice
 Beast of gloom, spirits of fear
 Triumph of unlife's Powers
 Banners of the dead smeared in blood!
 Black is the ultimate colour
 Darkness is the only end
 Evil is the right reaction
 Death is the only mercy...

Hordes of Empire
 (1993 In the Glare of Burning Churches)

Thousand of fallen angels
 Rows of condamned souls
 Black riders of abyss
 Beast of haired and cruelty
 We arrive on the chariots of fire
 We sign our way by the fire and death
 Sun of Darkness leads us
 Everlasting lust of sin
 Hands ot the dead beat the kettle-drums
 Damned sound of black trumpets
 Tramp of horrified horses
 and sinister knocking of Devil's hooves
 Red, fiery eyes
 fangs, claws and fire from the mouth
 Mayhemed wings, bleeding in fight
 Cobweb in hair and wind...
 We kill, crush, burn
 We trace the escaping day
 and hideous condemned sun
 At everlasting war
 between light and Darkness
 Creators of night-Gods of Darkness
 They buried us alive
 They killed our feelings
 Now we are the same
 We come with nocturnal wind
 and red, bloody fog
 Black banners with effigy of him
 Red flags-hues of hell
 Hordes of cruelty and chaos
 Emperor of unlife's forces

Thousand Swords 
 (1995 – Thousand Swords)

We attacked with thousand swords
 our banners were streaming under clouds
 at the gates of christian capitol
 The wide river of blood was flowing.
 We attacked with hate in our eyes

Their request for mercy was nothing for us
  they had no respect for our ancestors
  today is not a day for mercy.
  We attacked and golden palaces collapsed.
  Christ´s elected ones paradise was burning.
  Their golden bells were tolling the last hour
  The last hour of christian rulers in pagan Europe
  We are just blessed soldiers
  from the depths of unbaptized forests.
  Barbarians in wolfish skins.
  And we had pleasure to burn the Vatican
  Gods returned and now they are with us.
  Spirit of war possessed our souls.
  Our swords want to fight with our moves.
  Its a great feeling to spill the blood in the basilica.
  Herds of ravens fly between the clouds
  They´ll come to the earth when we go away
  They´ll eat food we prepared
  They´ll drink blood we have spilled

  The vengence will be cruel
  blessed by gods and spirits.
  In self defence of fatherland.
  Vengence done by our hands
  brining cruel death for enemies.

For Pagan and Heretic Blood
 (1993 - In The Glare Of Burning Churches)

They came from the south
 In the sunshine
 Covered by black hoods
 With the crosses in their hands
 False sons of false god

They arose their black temples
 Burned forest and woods
 Placed the black crosses
 And predered to worship dead
 Laying claim to rule sons
 Of laying claim to rule god

They drank his blood
 They ate his flesh
 Scolfed at the right of nature
 And raped the eternal right
 Sure of themselves sons
 Of the sure himself god
 Possessed with crosses in hands
 Possessed with flabeau over the pyres
 How much blood they have spilled

How much souls they have tormented
  They burned the witches
  Murdered the Pagans
  Banished the honest spirits
  Choped the holy trees
  Condemned to madness sons
  By their god usurper
 (following the voice of blood – 1997)

Sharp thorn hurts a noble man To let him know the taste of blood.
 But the intruder must beware of him, Because death sleeps in every
 In the garden of human plants,
 There is a lot of hidden thorns,
 No one likes them, because the bring pain,
 Pain or truth? No matter, they hurt the same...
 Black thorn. Alone and proud he grows. And every creature envies him.
 Fear paralyses enemies. It's strong enough to make them dead.
 I am the thorn of Darkness.
 Reflection man's true nature.
 I came to this dying world.
 To celebrate upcoming end.
 Lyrics by: Capricornus 12/'96

The Night of Fullmoon
 1993 (In The Glare Of Burning Churches )

Pagan country in the moonlight
 witches calling for their Lord
 incantation of the Darkside
 from the book of secret world
 Scream breaks off nocturnal silence
 then begins the rite of Darkness
 Hill in the fog
 the heart of wood
 altar of goat
 infernal gloom
 nocturnal rite
 knife in the hand
 worship Darkside
 bless Left Hand Path
 Pagans hidden in the forest
 in unholy common grave
 christians killed the last worshiper
 but the Dark Cult is still living
 I'm the son of pagan nation
 I got a part of secret knowledge
 oh Lord I kneel before Thee
 Darkness and Evil showed me thy name
 I'm still waiting for thy return
 The ancient cult will be again
 here the god of war and pain

Black Metal War! / (Outro)
 1995 (Thousand Swords)
 No lyrics available