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Graveland has multiples links with Néonazi, with NSBM ideology-in-music, with skinhead gangs, but we would be wrong to consider them as only simple Hitler’s fans, Graveland is related to polish and slavic identarian & paganism, also related to “Pagan Front” since the beginning.

Graveland from Poland is main career  project of Robert Fudali.

Robert Fudali, born December the 13th 1969 in Wroclaw

Aliases : Rob Darken, Lord Wind, Darken, …


« We all need racial segregation to preserve our own culture and spirituality »

« One thing is sure: RaHoWa is imminent. » (*rahowa is "racial holy war acronym")

« Confrontation between White Western civilization and the civilization of colored immigrants is imminent. »

« The growing power of homosexual lobby destroying family bonds – it has influence on the decreasing number of White people »

« Strong pro-Jewish lobby is also responsible for this bad situation »
 « Mass medias ruled by the Jewish lobby manipulate information and spread propaganda against Arabs. »
 « spiritual emptiness and intellectual shallowness. The requirements of propaganda and political correctness kill the art. Hollywood productions are very weak. They are marked by lack of inventiveness , supporting of feminist and homosexuals. »

« Anti-Semitism that comes not from natural instinct contempt and aversion for Jews (as Jews often describe it) but from the observation and evaluation of contemporary political situation and activities of international Jewish lobby. »

source :

“In Poland, new neo-fascism powers are rising. Its theories are near to our ideology, so we support it. War is the first duty of all who live for Darkness or Paganism,” he professes. “In Europe, neo-fascismis re-born and Europe must re-emerge in a new spirit. It will lead to big changes in the future. We have to take power from old, true traditions of these lands. We chose the way of war, because we have to wage war againstthe sub-human races from Turkey, Africa and Rumania. Destroy Negroes and other sub-men! They destroy our traditions and culture. Europe must be cleansed from this fucking shit! Europe only for white Aryan race!”

"Oklahoma City bombing ganing international attention, Darken was all too keen in letting his review go public in his support of the explosive bloodshed."

“It was a very positive act. It is a pity it didn’t kill your fuckingpresident, that Jew, Bill Clinton. Fuck Clinton! Your country is, in fact, very weak,” he said. “You have many sub-men who destroy yourcountry and a Jew is your president! You have to kill them all!"

"What needs to be banned or destroyed in Poland? 

– In Poland there are many things that should be banned or destroyed.  Now jews and communists have control over this country so one of our main aims is to get rid of them all.  Polish government sell Polish bands to rich people from Germany and other West European countries.  There people do not care about Poland and most rich people from Germany are jews hidden themselves under German names."

 « As a pagan,  I hate christianity because jesus-jew-worshippers killed my pagan ancestors.  I support my pagan brothers (Slavs from Poland) and Wotans Volk.  As a pagan I am socialist.  So I support every act of nationalism.  I have many friends among pagan skinheads especially from Poland, Germany, France, etc. »

“Aryan race wake up! The new era of paganism and darkness is coming. Graveland will show you the way. Start the holocaust again, kill Jews and Christians.Destroy the false god of Jesus Christ! […] We chose the way of war, because we have to wage war against the sub-human races from Turkey, Africa and Rumania. Destroy Negroes and other sub-men! They destroy our traditions and culture. Europe must be cleansed from this fucking shit! Europe only for white Aryan race!” (source : 
Graveland lyrics :
(source darklyrics)
(flaming wrathful hate de graveland)
We fight for the right
On what once was ours
Because we have the might
It´s in our blood of white
Our fight is not against'em
But in favor of us, only
And nothing can deceive us!
And nothing shall deceive us!
We fight for the right
We're proud of our white breed
We shield at any cost
Our honour, our blood, our folk
On behalf of it we shall battle
Maybe sheding our pure blood
But nothing can deceive us!
But nothing shall deceive us!
(to the north of rubicon)
Our swath and fire trails
Gleaming with weapons in the night
Crests swing on the wind
Panzer forces in harmony
Savagery lunging to be unleashed
Sun glaring from the steel
Wotan bewitched their hearts
White armies united for revenge!
(crown heroic my departure)
I am a warrior!
I grasp the greatness of my people
And trustful I fight strenuously
For a day I may have right upon
The splendorous heritage of my ancestors
By securing the purity of my blood
(we shall prevail)
The bastards of the viper Yahweh
will beg for mercy on their knees
We will feed the Earth with their blood
We, the folk of winter and frost
The warriors of the Pagan North
Once again. White children will be proud of their
Fathers and their Mothers

(the four wings of the sun : glorification de la croix gammée)
In the shield of the Sun is the power
The light of the Aryan knowledge
The four wings of the sun
The hope of spirits, and the strength of will
As proud ancient Gods stand by his side
Wotan raises his shield to protect me from the shine
(ancient blood)
We will join proud heroes
Who with might and main gave their lives away
And belong to the past fighting
For honor and pride of our race
When blood of ours and of our enemies
With falsehood and lies put to sleep
Will awake from a long sleep
(white hand's power, lyrics by neo-nazi from ABSURD)
The white hand, proud and strong by ruling the realm of Isengard, White as
consciousness of illuminated mind spirit became flesh, symbolized by the hand.
That's true cleanness, being able to raise the world out of its hinges and
create it new: Behold the banner's flying, it calls to join, because the
white hand prevails...
White Hand's Power to the realm of Isengard, White Hand's Elegance to the
Kings of Isengard White Hand's Supremacy to the ancestors of middle-earth
White Hand's Dominion to the end of the world...and to universe at next!!!
Marching southwards, orkish battlecries in air, heavy boots crush down
weakness in dust. Warriors executing inferior lifes by fireword: Submit or
die. Creatures of odd... Creatures of ill... Creatures of mud...
Degenerated by mixed blood! Submission, Submission, Submission
To the splendid kings of Isengard, to the race born of ice and flames!
White Hand's Power to the realm of Isengard, White Hand's Elegance to the
Kings of Isengard White Hand's Supremacy to the ancestors of middle-earth
White Hand's Dominion to the end of the world...and to universe at next!!!
[Lyrics by: JFN (Absurd)]
(note dans following the voice of blood dans le livret)
Black Metal is the music of our resistance and protest against the system of captivating and destroying of our pagan identity, indentity of White Inhabitants of this land.

Graveland is officially BANNED IN GERMANY

Graveland is effectively listed as « hate music group» by Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center

Graveland active since 1992 had first live show in 2016 at NSBM meeting “Hot Shower”

1992 : Rise of aryan organisation The Temple of Fullmoon TTF and first démo-tapes of Graveland

“The Temple of Fullmoon does not exist anymore because it was too dangerous. People started to have problems with the police. Generally 1995 was not a good year. During meeting of The Temple of Fullmoon in Szklarska Poreba the police arrested us. We lost many very important materials as magazines etc. Huge source of information for the police. Because of this incident TTF was dissolved. At that time many people that were too weak to deal with such problems left underground, others dissociated themselves from us. But those who stayed in underground despite all dificulties and danger, now are strong and very valuable people for neopagan movements in both aspects: cultural and political. Today situation is much better and easier but still we have to be careful. Now Polish Black metal underground is united by pagan ideas. Bands as North, Perunvit, Venedae, Iuvenes and Black Metal NS hordes as Capricornus, Thor’s Hammer, Dark Fury, Thunderbolt, Fullmoon, Veles work for return of paganism. ” – Rob Darken (Graveland)

On the pictures you can see the famous meeting of The Temple of Fullmoon in Szklarska Poręba, Poland, 1994.

1995 : As a member of Fullmoon – “United Aryan Evil” (1995, Isengard Productions) , Police investigates about  TTF,
first record of Veles,  First record of Lord Wind

1999 : Collaboration with Absurd (german NSBM) “Asgardsrei”

1999 : The Night and the Fog, NSBM compilation appearance

2000 : Raiders of Revenge (2000, Resistance Records, split with RAC band Honor – Olaf Jalinski & Mariusz Szczerski)

2000 : Collaboration with Thor’s Hammer (polish NSBM) “Thor’s Hammer May the Hammer Smash the Cross”

2005 : Interview Aryan Genocide Propaganda 666 ZINE ‘2005 / Serbia

2007 : The Night and the Fog Volume 3 (NSBM compilation record)

2007 : Split record with Graveland Temnozob (NSBM Russia) & Nokturnal Mortum (NSBM Ukraine)

2007 : Interview Resistance Mag (white supremacist)

2011 : Interview blood & honour (rac and white supremacist)

2010 : Collaboration avec Kreuzfeuer

Kroizfoier german RAC founded in 1991, in 1994 they changed musical style style to NSBM, and changed their name : kreuzfeuer Discography: Kreuzfeuer – Komm Zu Uns! – Skinheads Für Deutschland [demo] – 1992 Kreuzfeuer – Ziel Erkannt [full-length] – 1992 Kreuzfeuer – Die Wilden Jahre [ep] – 1993 Kreuzfeuer – Zurück Um Zu Verletzen [full-length] – 1998 Kreuzfeuer – Blut Für Blut [full-length] – 2000 Kreuzfeuer & Graveland – Tribute To King Of Aquilonia [split] – 2010
2015 : Works with MZ propaganda
Maciej Zaborowski graphist designer of Niklot (right wing politic movement, polish and slavic identitarian  connected to AZOV in Ukraine and Casa Pound in Italy) & Ruch Narodowy

August 2015 : Collaboration with Jan Peters, tribute to néonazi figure “S” Mariusz Szczerski  of HONOR (RAC)

February 2016 : “the spirit never dies” split w nokturnal mortum

April 2016 : NSBM meeting in Italy in Milano 2nd if april with BMH (french NSBM, forbidden in  France) operated by Darker than Black label and Hammer Skins Italia (with counter-event FUCK NSBM)

ticket for Hot Shower fest in Milano Italy, showing NSBM swastika, totenkampf, KKK characters
hot shower 2016
nazi salutes from Graveland on stage at Hot Shower Fest on video (
hot shower 2016
hot shower 2016

July 2016 : french media relates multiple nazi salutes from the audience during the Graveland show at NSBM meeting “Ragnard Rock Fest” with Forteresse (MNQ), Naer Mataron (greek NSBM), Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine NSBM), Khors (Ukraine NSBM) …


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