Graveland not welcome in Montréal, Québec. Street protest and actions on Saturday November 26th

Saturday November 26th, stret protest against Graveland showing up with Forteresse (MNQ) and Mglà (occult NSBM – Poland) in Montréal (QC)
Graveland and NSBM are  not welcome in Quebec, several calls and actions are planned against Graveland and its ideology-in music :

Year after year, Sepulchral Productions, and the man who hides behind this enterprise, Martin Marcotte, struggle to attract increasingly sketchy, racist Black Metal bands to Quebec. This year, Marcotte strikes again, organizing the sixth ‘Messe des Morts’, inviting one of the most overtly racist bands, emblematic of this music scene: Graveland. This group is open about its antisemitic and white supremacist tendencies.
Even though Marcotte can no longer organize events in many Montreal venues because of the ideological positions of the bands he produces, distributes and promotes, one venue has always stayed loyal throughout the years: Théatre Plaza, on St-Hubert street in Montreal. It is at this space that he organizes most of his racist concerts, and it’s here that Graveland is supposed to show up on the 26th of November. Over the years, and regardless of numerous complaints, Théâtre Plaza has never cancelled a single concert or a single racist/far-right conference, and it seems that it is often the last refuge for far-right conference organizers in Montreal.
We call, therefore, for a demonstration on November 26th at 4pm at Métro Beaubien, in order to make Sepulchral Productions, Théâtre Plaza, and all the neo-nazis, boneheads, and far-right activists that will be around to see Graveland play, understand that in Montreal, the far-right cannot carry out its activities unchallenged. Confronted with Graveland’s uninhibited racism, sexism and homophobia, an antifascist response is our duty.
For more information on Graveland [links in French]:

P.S. Even though we’re calling for a demonstration on Saturday, we encourage a diversity of tactics during the whole ‘Messe des Morts’ festival. In this spirit, we also strongly encourage you to contact the venues hosting the festival, with the goal of informing them of your disgust.
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